We are entering a new Era on Earth.

An era brought forth by a number of colliding global trends.

First, there are the trends rooted in the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, fueled by the Mechanistic and Reductionist worldviews, and characterized by materialism and individualism:

  1. With its search for the ultimate Truth, the growth of science has led not only to great discoveries and technological advances but also a worldview based on empiricism, analysis, and a subject/object dichotomy. This in turn caused Man to regard himself as separate from, and standing above, Nature.
  2. Therefore, after 3,600,000,000 years of life on Earth, one species is now completely dominating all other species on the planet by grossly exploiting and over-consuming its resources.
  3. An increasing number of species are purposefully made extinct, destroying the web of life on which we all depend.
  4. The dominant species is nearing the limit of available resources and will soon start decreasing in number, for the first time in its 200,000-year history.
  5. The planet’s biosphere is under increasing threat of annihilation by a number of internal and external dangers: Climate changeextreme weatherwater scarcity, pollution and toxic waste, earthquakes, supervolcanoes, impact events, and increased radiation from space.
  6. The overall inequality of resources is greater than at any point in history, and the concentration of wealth in conglomerates and through financialization has not only affected a large number of individuals but severely hindered the progress of the population as a whole.
Second, there are the deep Emergent trends that have grown quietly with life itself since its dawn, until the recent Holistic surge characterized by unity and compassion:
  1. Living organisms, and conscious beings in particular, are inherently created for making and enjoying good things — otherwise life on Earth would not be bearable and would not exist. It is in the very nature of life to seek the Good, and it is in the nature of the Universe to let good things through.
  2. With the imminent decline of the human population, its evolution increasingly turns cultural and spiritual, because life demands growth in some form to avoid stagnation and decay.
  3. Mankind, the dominant species of Earth, has developed a medium that will soon connect most individuals on the planet, and the number of interpersonal connections and their ability to communicate across borders and cultures is reaching the critical mass of half the entire population (2.4 billion as of 30.06.2012).
  4. Powered by this new medium, the plight of others, near or far, is conveyed across the globe, generating a universal empathy encompassing the entire planet. Therefore, the number of individuals awakening to a sense of unity across borders and classes will grow exponentially.
  5. A species of Earth has for the first time in the planet’s 4 billion year long history left its confines and began the exploration of the Universe, and has seen their home planet from afar. This perspective, conveying the oneness of  the planet to its inhabitants, marks the point at which Earthly life, and therefore love, begins to spread throughout the Universe.

These converging trends will inevitably lead to a new era characterized by:

  1. Increased interdependence between individuals and nations, which will create a functioning planetary culture and global decmocracy.
  2. The natural inclination for cooperation between individuals, companies, organizations, and nations will surpass competition, which often leads to sabotage that prevents progress. This cooperation will spread globally and enable Mankind to become proper stewards of Earth.
  3. Selfishness on the part of individuals, companies, and nations will become outdated. The peoples of the Earth will no longer tolerate such destructive actions and compassion will become the great equalizer. People on every level of society will realize that having too much and too little is equally bad, and that true value must be shared in order to grow.
  4. The collective capacity for love and compassion will transcend and embrace the misguided, powerful few, and love will become the foremost value.
  5. Each individual will identify with the entirety of Mankind and realize that the survival of that global family has a greater purpose than the perpetuation of one’s own genes. Fewer individuals will need to procreate because longer lifespans is a more efficient and economical way for humanity to sustain and build the knowledge and technologies required for the survival of the global tribe.
  6. The understanding and respect for the wisdom of our elders will grow as the need for knowledge about the deeper relations of nature increases, and life experience will once again be an essential component of our culture.
  7. The growing compassion for other people, other species, and the Earth as a whole, will cause Mankind to completely shift to renewable resources, thus softening the impact that the limits to population growth impose.
  8. The unified knowledge, resources, and vision of Mankind will enable us to discover, explore, and inhabit distant worlds beyond our own planet, and ultimately bring the quest for the Good and the light of life throughout our Galaxy and beyond.

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  1. Dear friend,

    This is a wonderful website! A beautiful vision! Thank you so much for it!

    I pray that you are right and we actually do live in an age of a new beginning!

    Thank you for lifting up my spirits my friend!


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